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Description: Autocircuit.com is a data advertising, photo collection and window Label service which visits car dealers throughout United States. Our Network Agents visit our dealers at least one time per week, and key in the VIN number of each pre-owned vehicle and about another 20 pieces of information about the vehicle, such as mileage, color, transmission, options etc. The NA also takes quality digital picture(s) of each vehicle Prints out an attractive information sticker and FTC buyers guide. The NA Prints out dealer copies of each vehicle and an inventory list. Whether on Lot via WiFi connection, or once the NA gets home at night the data and Photos are to be uploaded to the central server. We are very concerned that We present a professional demeanor and timely service to our car dealer Customers. Male or Female -older or younger are great for this job, but reasonably neat Appearance is important in our hiring decision. Laptop Computer, Digital Camera, Laser Printer, High-speed Internet Connection and Reliable Transportation. EOE employer.

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